Tonight, as I was getting Zachary, 6, to bed, I asked him again about his first day of Kindergarten. Because he is repeating, he is being given “special jobs” by his current teacher. The conversation went something like…

Dad: Just remember, Zachary, even though you are helping and you know a lot of things, you still have a lot of things you need to learn, too.

Zachary: (distracted) Yeah.

Dad: You know, even I have things I don’t know. I’m still learning stuff, too.

Zachary: (surprised) You are?!?

Dad: Sure.

Zachary: But you’re the teacher!

Dad: You think that because I’m the teacher, I know everything?

Zachary: Yeah!

Dad: Nope, even I have teachers.

Zachary: Who are your teachers?

Dad: Well, I learn from a lot of people. I learn a lot from other teacher friends that I talk with on the internet. I also learn from things I read, and things I do. I even learn quite a bit from my own students.

Zachary: (long confused pause)

Dad: What do you think of that?

Zachary: Cool.

Yeah, cool.

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