Once again, I stalled.

Yet, I’m not as angry/disgusted/irritated with myself as I was in the past, or with other ventures and routines (i.e. exercise every day…) ALL of this is experimentation, so I’ve decided to cut myself a whole heap of slack. Besides, my blogging dissolved about the time the end of the year began heating up. Graduation responsibilities, two graduate classes in April and May, and a myriad of other piddly things got in the way. Summer hasn’t exactly provided huge chunks of time yet to sit and reflect, much less read.

And, so, I embark again. A little out of stubbornness, but mostly out of a nagging sense that this stuff is critically important…for me and my students. Speaking of nagging senses, I also keep feeling like I need some crystal-clear purpose and slant for my blog. In it’s short life, it’s handled thoughts from Wikipedia to Marshall McLuhan. So what? My “slant” is in the title: this is my journey, my education through blogging.

It doesn’t have to be about the technology; it’s about me, growing as a teacher. It’s about using the technology to do other things that I couldn’t do the same way without the tools. Isn’t that what I want from my students?